Jan 27, 2009

Protect and Protest...

Wake up…Comrades and Friends, the resting time is over. The anti-communist forces are ready for a war-like situation against the people’s democracy of Kerala. From 1957, several attempts have been made to scuttle the communist movement of Kerala. American Imperialists, Divisive forces, Communal Forces – all tried to destabilize the Marxist Leninist Movement of Kerala, but they miserably failed. But they have never retracted from their stand, looking for opportunities to attack communists.

For them, targeting and tarnishing Marxist leaders is the best way to weaken the Marxist movement. Now the CBI is used as a political tool to frame and malign the strongest leader of CPI(M), Comrade Pinarayi Vijayan. In company of a new generation of ‘sound byte journalists’ broking and braking news, the anti-CPM forces are trying to politically assassinate Pinarayi Vijayan. He is the one who never compromised with these disgruntled elements for short term gains. An orchestrated malicious and dubious campaign has been unleashed against Pinarayi ever since he took over the reins of the party in Kerala. But Pinarayi has emerged stronger than ever before much to the dismay of the gossipmongers and rumour mills in the politico-media spectrum.

The move to arraign Pinarayi in the SNC Lavlin case is yet another criminal conspiracy to finish him politically. But the political opponents, Congress- Muslim League-RSS combine will soon realize that their dreams shatter before their eyes. The party members, mass organizations’ workers, party sympathizers and loyalists are all up with the armoury of ideals to fight and defeat the smear campaign to demolish the Communist Movement of Kerala.

Pinarayi is the future of Communist Party of Kerala. He is the man to take this movement forward. Any attack on Pinarayi should be viewed as the attack on Communist Movement of Kerala. Let us all line up behind our beloved leader Pinarayi Vijayan and fight to the finish.

Support Pinarayi Vijayan! Save the Communist Movement of Kerala !